For speech and language therapists

The app is designed to provide a structured approach to developing speech sounds; beginning with simple consonant-vowel structures, syllables, multisyllable words, phrases and sentences.

It is ideal for use in therapy sessions or given to children for home practice.  The app includes a variety of games to keep children motivated.

The record-playback facility enables a child to receive direct auditory feedback. Helping the child to learn how to adjust their speech to improve accuracy and develop self monitoring skills.

The app uses a variety of techniques to facilitate speech sound development:

  • Words are graded in complexity; Initial targets are simple CV, VC and CVC structures before more complex multi syllable words.
  • Speech sound substitution patterns are taken into account in early target word selection.
  • Targets include low neighbourhood density words.
  • The app makes use of trochaic and iambic phrases.
  • The app provides practice from a simple CV structure up to sentence level.

The app can also be used to support vocabulary development and memory skills.

  • Picture vocabulary includes a variety of nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • Interesting and silly sentences will promote conversation and develop language skills.