Help your child learn how to pronounce all of the consonant sounds in the English language and practice them in words and short sentences.  The app contains interesting pictures, fun exercises and games to keep children engaged and motivated to practice their sounds.

The app is developed in collaboration with a UK Certified Speech and Language Therapist.  It works through each sound in a systematic way; beginning with easy combinations of consonants and vowels before moving on to longer words, phrases and sentences.

The app covers all 24 English consonants and additional consonant clusters.

List of all lessons (.pdf)

It practices consonants at the initial, medial and final positions in words.
Practice is offered at a single word level, in short phrases and sentences.
Words are spoken in an English accent.

The app features engaging pictures of common objects, nouns, verbs and adjectives.  These are carefully selected to suit both children and adults.   The app is also an excellent resource to support vocabulary development and memory.

The app includes flash cards with a spoken word, memory games and a useful record-playback facility.  The ability to record and hear their own voice, helps children to learn how to listen to their sounds and check that they are pronouncing the sound correctly.

The app comes in four parts, each containing practice of the sounds in words, phrases and sentences.  Part 0 is free, parts 1, 2, 3 can be purchased individually or as a whole set.

Part 0 covers the sounds b, d, f and g.
Part 1 covers the sounds h, ch, j, k, l,  l consonant clusters, m, n.
Part 2 covers the sounds  ng, p, r, r consonant clusters, s, s consonant clusters.
Part 3 covers the sounds sh, t, th, the, v, w, y, z, m consonant clusters, n consonant clusters, complex 3 consonant clusters.

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